the health care you've been looking for

The health care you've been looking for

Our mission is to help you resolve pain and restore and maintain your energy and optimal function.

Many of our patients experience rapid resolution of their pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. In addition to immediate relief, we focus on long-term solutions by addressing the underlying causes of your current health challenges.

We work in partnership with you, providing information and treatment options, and encouraging self-awareness to help you restore and maintain your health.

To serve you and your family more completely, Dr. Shapiro has developed a new series of lively and informative presentations. Join us for Food for Thought: Improving Mood and Mental Clarity in Adults and Children on Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the South Co-op Meeting Room. Have you ever wondered why so many people--perhaps including you and your children or other loved ones--are experiencing depression, anxiety, disturbed sleep, cognitive impairment, aggression, and antisocial behavior? Do you wonder why this seems to be on the rise? Join Dr. Shapiro as she explains some of the root causes of mood and mental imbalances, and provides you with dietary and lifestyle options that can dramatically improve mood, cognitive function, and sleep. This will be a lively and well-illustrated presentation with plenty of time for questions. Healthful and delicious refreshments will be served. Please register in advance by visiting one of the First Alternative Co-op stores

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We help people with a wide variety of conditions. We successfully treat conditions such as:

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